GDPR Notice
Please note that by completing this registration form you consent to the following use of your personal data:
1. The organizers of the course archive your personal information along with all relevant Course materials, degrees and exams. This information is necessary in order to produce and track your individually numbered Course certificate.
2. Obtaining the FELASA accredited certificate, your name is listed in the FELASA database linked to the Course details, in order to allow FELASA at any time to confirm your status as a graduate from one of their accredited courses. No other information is listed by FELASA.
These data are used exclusively from University of Crete anonymously and for statistical purposes related to the use of the site and its correct functioning.

4.Sending mail involves the collection, by the Owner, the email address of the sender’s need to respond to the request, as well as any other personal data contained in the communication. The personal data collected in this way will be used by the owner for the sole purpose of responding to the e-mail message received and any subsequent related communications.
Your data will not be distributed or used in any other way.
If you object to the use of your data as described above in any or all options, please contact with us with the subject line “GDPR Notice.”  

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